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Vacuum & Mechanical Lifting

Baltrol – Air Operated Overhead Lifting Solutions

Lift Rite Ltd offers a wide range of air-operated overhead vacuum & mechanical lifting equipment for weightless handling. Our range of Baltrol lifting systems can be implemented to a number of lifting applications such as box handling, drum handling, sack handling and many more. Our design team can design ergonomic lifting attachments to lift almost any load. The Baltrol lifting system is operated with compressed air which gives a low energy consumption and makes the lifting system quiet and safe.
  • Carton Box Handling – Vacuum & Mechanical Grippers
  • Sack Handling – Vacuum & Mechanical Grippers
  • Drum Handling – Vacuum & Mechanical Grippers
  • Glass, Steel & Timber Sheets – Vacuum Grippers
  • Reel Handling – Mechanical & Vacuum Grippers
  • Steel Handling – Vacuum, Mechanical & Magnetic Grippers

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Lift Rite Ltd supply off the shelf and custom built lifting and handling equipment suitable for all industries.